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How to Make Your Rocky Mountain Vacation Magical!

A drive through the Rocky Mountains is the perfect day trip with wildlife in abundance and scenic photo opportunities at every turn-off but what would make this trip more special? Staying overnight in Banff, Alberta during the SnowDays Festival. Not only do you get to venture around an adorable ski and snowboard town but you can relax knowing you don’t have another long drive ahead of you in the dark. Look for the magic in the outstanding display of epic snow sculptures created by talented artists from around the world.

Banff SnowDays Snow Sculpture Competition and Exhibit

What exactly is the SnowDays Festival? A snow sculpting competition running from the 15th-26th of January 2020 that showcases amazing creations based on a specific theme. The theme changes every year and guess what? This is a free event! What’s the theme this year? There is no theme for the 2020 season, so the sculptors are free to use their wildest imaginations to depict whatever they want. How exciting! Is this something that sounds like fun but you don’t want to freeze looking at the artists’ beautiful works? Snuggle up next to your loved one and toast some marshmallows around the strategically placed fire pits while you take in the awe-inspiring snow displays all around you. Are you done looking at the snow sculptures and ready to enjoy some food in a magical snow-covered tavern or restaurant? You are in the perfect spot as the SnowDays Festival is located in the centre of Bear Street, the heart of downtown Banff. At the end of the day are you ready to lay your head down and go to bed surrounded by the hush of the cool winter night? You can wake up to see the magic of the snow in the morning from the Rundlestone Lodge, a comfortable yet modern lodge with breathtaking views of the mountains. Treat yourself to an unforgettable Banff experience filled with magic and a warm night’s stay in one of the peaceful rooms in this lodge. Have you heard about the Ice Magic Festival part of this magical display? In the morning, after enjoying the warm sun shining brightly against the backdrop of the mountains, head to Lake Louise where you can view beautiful ice carvings at the Ice Magic Festival. Ice sculptors around the world create masterpieces out of shimmering frozen water, competing to be the winner. The tickets are free Monday to Friday and before 10 am or after 5:30 pm Saturday and Sunday. Just like the snow sculpting, the theme for the ice carving is open but there will be many different designs to marvel at and in a spectacularly different location. Don’t forget to bring your skates so you can glide around the ice castle built in the middle of a skating rink right on the frozen Lake Louise itself. Are you ready for your horse-drawn sleigh ride? Jump up and let your horse lead you through the beautiful scenery around majestic icy Lake Louise. The magic of snow and ice truly come together in this magnificent festival that happens only once a year. Don’t miss out on this special event that will last in your memory forever.