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Why You Need an Extended Stay in Banff

You are excited about your mini-vacation in Banff but wondering if you should have booked it for more than one or two nights. While any time spent in Banff is great, why not extend your trip a little to really make the most of it. With so many wonderful adventures, you will never get through even half of them if you only stay over for a couple of nights. Here are exciting reasons you need to book a longer stay in Banff.

Banff Gondola

Are you ready for extraordinary scenery that will take you to new heights? Hop on the Banff Gondola for your chance to see the Canadian Rockies from a bird’s eye view. The glass-enclosed gondola lets you marvel at the Rocky Mountains from high above the trees. When you get to the top you can hike around, snapping photos from every different angle. Rundlestone Lodge is located in close driving distance to Banff Gondola so why not stay here? You will be sure to enjoy a scenic adventure and cozy stay surrounded by the mountains, what a wonderful idea!

Mount Norquay

Are you an avid snowboarder or skier and enjoy taking your vacation in the winter? Take a drive up Mount Norquay to board or ski down the snow-covered slopes. The drive-in itself is fun with its many twists and turns and you may even spot some wildlife along the way. This mountain is the closest ski hill to the main part of Banff with easy access either by car or bus. Score! Maybe snowboarding and skiing are not quite your thing and you are looking for something a little bit different. Try tubing down the mountainside. This is one of the most thrilling winter sports you can do in one of the most scenic spots in all the world.

Johnston Canyon

Take an easy hike along the trail to the dazzling waterfalls at Johnston Canyon. The winter scene is spectacular with ice towering over the frozen falls in a surreal explosion of nature’s glory. You won’t believe it is real. Summer or winter is a great time to hike through this beautiful wilderness zone. Take your entire family as it is safe for all ages though remember your cleats in the winter to help make the trail a breeze to walk along. Are you wanting to venture a little further past the main falls? Hike to the ink pots, colourful natural pools of water created from the underground springs. This hike is completely worth the extra time since it is unlike anything else you will see in the area. This distance is usually travelled in the summer but if you do venture to the ink pots in the winter, you can head there by snowshoe.

Cave and Basin

If history is what speaks to you then visit the Cave and Basin National Historic Site where you can be privy to the cultural history of these natural rocks. Wandering through the cave, you can smell the minerals and take it all in as you smile knowing you are in an important part of Banff’s beginnings. You can even make your way up to the old pool deck outside where many swimmers once took a dip in the warm waters heated from the underground hot springs. You are really viewing parts of Banff’s historical past. No matter what time of year, Banff is full of life and activities. There is so much to do that you will absolutely want to spend more than a few nights here to take it all in. Don’t forget to make your way to the candy shop to savour some old-time favourites as you make your way through this beautiful national park.